In Gavirate a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists and Doctors

Our clinic

Studiofisio was born in 2006 as a physiotherapy studio e outpatient clinic.

From the multi-year collaboration of two physiotherapists who, with friendship and enthusiasm, have decided to create their own in Gavirate a structure specialized in rehabilitation capable of satisfying the needs of health and care of the territory.

Since then, Studiofisio has been constantly growing, with a high number of performances and services, with the acquisition of confidence in its own means, thanks to the consent of all users, including professional athletes.

Lo studio fisioterapico  e poliambulatorio STUDIOFISIO di Gavirate visto dall' esterno

Studiofisio building

Enrico Badà indica una lastra in una riunione tra fisioterapisti

Meeting with physiotherapist


Our staff

An equipe of trained and updated professionals will take care of you.

After an initial careful evaluation of the patient, the most suitable techniques will be set for the treatment of the muscular and skeletal problems encountered.

You can consult them for advice on your spine or other orthopedic pathologies, on nutrition and on vascular surgical problems. To start a targeted exercise program.

Our staff includes 6 physiotherapists, 6 carefully selected Medical Specialists, 2 secretaries and other collaborators.

Service charter

In our services everything you need for a correct patient care.

Manual therapy and Medical-Specialist evaluation to start the personal care path in the best way.

High power laser, t.e.c.a.r. and shock waves in our "instrumental" offer.

Inside our studio there is a gym complete with state-of-the-art equipment for the treatment of postural dysfunctions, scoliosis and low back pain.

Carta dei servizi fisioterapici e medici di STUDIOFISIO

Treatment in Studiofisio


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